Cinematographer. DP. Editor

Scene, of 'SceneAmatiX Motion Pictures', always had a passion and interest with music. Growing up, he was into DJ'ing, writing and recording music and also a little bit of producing. From there, the art of cinematography grew from the day he picked up his first camera. By picking up this new hobby, he was able to share what he saw, with everyone else. As this hobby grew bigger, he knew that this was something special and SceneAmatiX has now grown into what it is today.

Working with artists such as; MGK, Ripp Flamez, DubXX, Doe Boy and many other notable names in the music industry, it has helped him reach new levels in his career. Also worth mentioning, Scene and his group won 9 awards including the Best Film of 2018 for the Cleveland 48-Hour Film Festival. As the growth continues, Scene is taking each and every opportunity as a learning experience and a way to improve his talents.